sSsR8M presents, Bear and Lion: The Trilogy

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This 78-page compilation contains the first three original Bear and Lion tales, Bear and Lion: An Epic Adventure Story of Two BrothersBear and Lion Wake the Dreaming Dragon, and Great, that Sounds Fun! A Love Saga, Featuring: Brother Bear of Bear and Lion.

Each ingeniously illustrated story utilizes a combination of digital photography, graphic design, and colored pencil art to personalize Bear and Lion’s momentous quests in The Great Northwest.

Each tale has 26 pages.

Bear and Lion: An Epic Adventure Story of Two Brothers

BL 1

In this wonderful story, we travel with Bear and Lion through the course of a day, from sun up to sun down, from the forest to the heart of the city.  Along the way, Bear and Lion meet a variety of characters who help them find direction by teaching them about their place in the world.

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Bear and Lion Wake the Dreaming Dragon

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In this extraordinary adventure, Bear and Lion return by request of the elders to travel to the top of the volcano, wake the dreaming Dragon, and replenish the supply of wisdom fruit.  The Dragon unknowingly and chaotically synthesizes the four elements: Fire, wind, earth, and water to fullfill the village’s needs.  Bear and Lion learn, as a result, events do not always go as planned…but can turn out better than expected.

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Great, that Sounds Fun! A Love Saga, Featuring: Brother Bear of Bear and Lion

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In this heartfelt love saga, Brother Bear and Rabbit identify the polarities that give rise to their immortality.

Life is about choosing different activities to help us feel fulfilled with who we are.

Yet together we learn, although we might share similar perspectives, we might not share the same objectives.

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